Apr 5 2017

Gold Engagement Rings

Gold engagement rings are widely preferable for representing the taste of binding the two people’s love. Each couple, in most cases, contributes a different love story which is sometimes reflected in the rings like white gold engagement rings, black gold engagement rings and pink gold engagement rings. By this, some prefer making and designing their engagement rings to just simply purchasing it in the jewel stores. In regards to this, making your gold engagement rings requires individual stone-setting skills and metal smith expertise. This account can still be overcome through these following ways.

Process of Making Design

To get the best design of gold engagement rings, you need to initially work together with a jeweller for consulting your idea and finally creating your rings. On top of all matters, decide a budget you are going to spend for this ring making. Refer the style, design, and combination of your planned budget. Then, collect and get some inspiration from some rings photographs to decide which style and elements you are going to include.

Sketch your rings, select a style whether it is traditional, gothic, or the other modern types. Identify the types of jewel stones that are possible to combine. Illustrate it with your chosen stones or probably with no stones. The jewellers grade the gemstones based on cut, clarity, and colour. The shapes also include marquise, round, radiant, pear, oval, heart, princess, and emerald. Make sure you select the best form that meets your need and interest.

Choose the Right Stone

The next is to proceed on the ring making. Measure the finger size to determine the ring size and to select the appropriate ring band. It also determines the number of stones to use since sometimes the number of stones and the stone setting are adjusted with the width of the ring band. Choose the right of stone placement on the ring; whether you prefer prong setting, which is simple with the thin band, or probably the other setting using pave, flush, bezel, channel, etc. Work on this step carefully because most people wear engagement rings all the time. So, it is obvious to choose the most comfortable and appropriate ring design.

Determine the Gold Colour

While selecting the best design of your rings, you can pick the gold colour. Gold rings are made in white or yellow colour. Each constitutes its benefit and drawback. For instance, the yellow colour lasts longer than the white one since white colour can fade away in times, or white colour is relatively used for modern styles and having the brighter colour than the yellow colour, etc. These considerations can be put in mind regarding the term that engagement rings are, again, mostly used in all events and activities. Anyhow, it is also often that some couples just simply combine the yellow and white colours in one ring. For example, they put the white gold band with the white prong or the other way around.

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